Agar-agar (food additive Е 406) pertains to the group of additives serving for the formation and preservation of the consistence, textures and form of the food products.
This additive is permitted for use in the confectionery and food production practically everywhere in the world.

The agar has pronounced properties allowing it to form steady gel and jellify itself without any supplements. The agar is heat resistant and can survive temperatures up to 85°С without modification of the gel. Various sorts of agar differ in the jellifying properties, which is to be considered when choosing the agar for manufacturing of one or another product.

The products are used in the following branches of industry:

in the confectionery and food industry it is used for:

— marmalade production;
— production of jellylike creams and fondants in the confectionery,
— production of puddings and broth jelly,
— imitations of caviar of valuable fish species,
— ice-cream and marshmallow,
— milk products, cheeses, yoghurts,

In the medicine:

— as a growth medium in the research process.