Food stabilizers is a special group of additives used in various branches of the food industry, which main destination is formation and maintenance of consistence, structures, forms and consumer appeal of milk, meat, bread and confectionery products.
Generally one can allocate three main groups of food stabilizers: pectins, carrageenans and gums. All of them are derivatives of natural substances, although lately the scale of world food production has required to implement industrial synthesis of some sorts of food stabilizers.

Guar gum Е412 is a cost-effective stabilizer and densifier. It considerably increases viscosity and retains water well. It confers to products a creamy consistence, increases their elasticity and extends their shelf life. It is well soluble in cold water.

Xanthane gum Е415 is a very efficient thickener. It is well soluble in hot and cold water. It prevents synaeresis, improves stability of shape, decreases flavor loss during the heat treatment. It also improves the shine of glazes, their adhesiveness and fracture resistance. The xanthane gum slows down the process of sugar crystallization and increases product resistance to the humidity fluctuations.