Glazing agents is a relatively new and quite wide group of food additives. They are widely used in the food industry and serve for water retention and creating a surface protective layer of the products.


Natural glazing agents include different kinds of waxes wax ethers and styrols. However, on an industrial scale, synthetic glazing agents are used more often.
Glazing and polishing agents CAPOL® are used for processing surfaces of all kinds of confectionery:

hard and soft bodies (jelly beans, jelly eggs)
bodies covered with chocolate glaze
chewing candies based on wine gum, gelatin and starch, marmalade and pastille based on starch and acacia gum
extruded and formed liquorice candies

Glazing and polishing agents CAPOL® ensure excellent shine and effective adhesion protection. These products feature high stability, they have neutral taste, are economical and simple in use.

Glazing and polishing agents CAPOL® completely meet the CE Directives for food additives and food legislation of most countries in the world.

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