Food ingredients

пищевые ингредиенты

Food ingredients is a group of goods used for manufacturing of food products according to the technology at various manufacturing stages: for enhancement of the manufacturing process, for preservation of structure, appearance, organoleptic characteristics, resistance of food products to various kinds of corruption during the given time period.

The confectionary industry is the major consumer of the food ingredients: flavoring agents, colorants, conserving agents, antioxidants etc. The efficiency of these ingredients in the food industry is closely related to the particular qualities of the raw products, the technology of confectionary production, the equipment, and the methods of introduction of the food ingredients.

Food ingredients perform various technological functions:

• ensuring tempting appearance — colorant, color stabilizers, glazers;
• taste regulation — flavoring agents, sweeteners, taste and flavor improvers, acids and acidity regulators;
• consistence regulation — thickening agents, gelatinization agents, stabilizers, emulsifiers;
• shelf-life elongation — conserving agents, antioxidants, water-retaining agents.

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