Egg yolk

1 kg dry yolk replaces 125 fresh egg yolks.



Preparation process:

яичный желток

liquid egg yolk obtained from fresh eggs undergoes filtration, normalization and pasteurization. After the spray drying, the end product is packaged under sterile conditions, which ensures its long shelf-life. The fermented yolk is obtained by means of additional treatment of the dry product with ferment. Fermentation ensures the enhancement of emulsifying and stabilizing product characteristics under the wide range of temperatures.

Application: since the fermented egg yolk features enhanced emulsifying properties, it finds wide application in mayonnaise production. Unfermented egg yolk is also used for preparation of mayonnaise and other sauces.

Storage term and conditions: to be stored in dry, clean, well ventilated premises at the relative air humidity up to 75% and at the temperatures:

— up to +20°С for max. 6 months;
— up to +2°С for max. 2 years.

Packaging: corrugated cardboard box with polyethylene insert, net weight 25 kg.

  Dry egg yolk
Weight fraction of dry substance, at least 91,0 %
Weight fraction of fat, at least 50,0 %
Weight fraction of albumen, at least 35,0 %
Solubility up to 40,0 %
Hydrogen ion concentration, pH
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