1 kg egg powder replaces 90 fresh eggs.

Preparation process: is produced by means of spray drying. Dry egg powder undergoes pasteurization and is put in an aseptic package. After the restoration the product is completely comparable to fresh egg, but it is much more safe from the bacteriological point of view and simple in use.

Application: production of mayonnaise sauce, confectionery, bakery products and semi-products.

яичный порошо

Storage term and conditions: to be stored in clean, well ventilated premises at the relative air humidity up to 75% and at the temperatures:

— up to +20°С for max. 6 months;
— up to +2°С for max. 2 years.

Packaging: corrugated cardboard box with polyethylene insert, net weight 25 kg.

Dry egg powder
Weight fraction of dry substance, at least 91,5 %
Weight fraction of fat, at least 35,0 %
Weight fraction of albumen, at least 45,0 %
Solubility at least 85,0 %
Hydrogen ion concentration, pH