1 kg dry egg albumen replaces 316 albumens of fresh eggs.

Preparation process: liquid egg albumen obtained from fresh eggs undergoes filtration, normalization and dry pasteurization. After the spray drying the product is packaged in baskets under sterile conditions, which ensures its long shelf-life. Dry pasteurization in modern heat chambers which are completely PC-controlled allows diversifying main technological parameters of the end product according to the individual needs of the customers.

яичный белок

— Egg albumen with high gel-forming ability is applied in meat- and fish-processing production, and in the soup mixes production.
— Egg albumen with high head-forming capacity is used in bakery and confectionery production. Modification “А” — is the best option for manufacturing marshmallow, pastille, soufflé, meringues, nougat and protein-butter creams.
It has improved figures of foam persistence and stability of shape, and lower requirements for beating up time.
Storage term and conditions: to be stored in dry, clean, well ventilated premises at the relative air humidity up to 75% and at the temperatures:
— up to +20°С for max. 12 months;
— up to +2°С for max. 2 years.
Packaging: corrugated cardboard box with polyethylene insert, net weight 25 kg.