Egg products


The egg processing products with their unique properties are indispensable for the manufacturing of confectionery, bakery, and macaroni products, they find extensive application in meat and fat-and-oil industry; they are an important component of many sorts of mayonnaise sauces and sausages. The egg products are used in the cosmetic, leather and pharmaceutical industry, in the manufacturing of baby food.

The advantages of the egg high-level processing products are described below.
The egg-derived products in a liquid, frozen or powdery form have a number of undeniable advantages in comparison with the eggs in a shell.

Quality. The derived products have better functional properties and longer shelf life comparing to the egg in a shell thanks to the pasteurization under the hygienic conditions and aseptic bottling.

Cost effectiveness. The use of egg yolk instead of the egg in a shell allows to simplify and make cheaper the technological process, to reduce energy- and labor consumption, to reduce the production time and to cut the logistic costs.
Convenience of transportation and storage.

Safety. During the pasteurization the deleterious microflora gets neutralized, which enhances the qualitative properties of the end product.

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