Рожковое дерево Кэроб

рожковое дерево кэроб
Carob, i.e. powder made of the fruit of algarroba (Ceratonia siliqua), a tree from the pea family, is used as a healthy replacement for coffee and cocoa beans.

The carob powder looks like cocoa powder but has a bit lighter tint. It tastes a lot like cocoa, but it is sweet. Carob does not contain psychotropic substances.

Carob is widely used in cookery. It can be used for preparing sweet (sugar- and sweeteners-free) and healthy hot drink resembling cocoa. Besides, the carob is used in other hot and cold drinks, puddings and many dishes which are usually cooked with the use of cocoa-powder.
It also can be used for cooking sweet baked goods, which allows reducing the use of sugar and sweeteners considerably, up to their complete exclusion from the food ration.