Cocoa products


Cocoa powder is obtained from the beans gathered from an eponymous evergreen tree, which has been known to the human and used for various purposes for a very long time. One ripe cacao pod can contain up to 50 almond-shaped beans floating inside it in a syrupy liquid. During the fruitification period one can obtain up to 4 kg beans from one tree.

Note that cocoa powder (the cocoa) and products containing it take one of the first places in terms of popularity. Chocolate, chocolate cakes and other confectionery, various chocolate bars, candies, desserts are loved by both children and adults.

Cocoa beans contain about 300 substances having various effects on the human body. Cocoa is known to cheer people up (thanks to production of serotonin, “the hormone of happiness”) and improve working efficiency (thanks to the caffeine).

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